Tomahawk Friday is coming to WoodKraft on Friday 8 November.

Simon Wood has fast made a name for his take on the spectacular Tomahawk steak at fine dining restaurant Wood Manchester. For those that haven’t tried it – it’s a rib-eye on the bone and is so called because the bone is as big as an axe!

It’s a serious cut of beef: pink and juicy in the middle, charred on the edges, tender and flavourful. And it’s big enough to share.

For one night only Simon himself will host a meaty feast to remember at WoodKraft Cheltenham.

The menu will include:

Pork and caramelised apple terrine with toasts

Kilo Tomohawk steak to share accompanied by dauphinoise potatoes, winter greens and peppercorn sauce for 2

Raspberry, chocolate and honeycomb dessert.

£45 per person

We only do this night twice a year so book your table now!